Sistem Informasi AJB Perumahan Subsidi Berbasis Web Pada PT. Mega Saputra Persada Dengan Metode Framework For Application System Thinking (FAST) Ando text Pangkalpinang : ISB Atma Luhur, 2021 | Mega Saputra Persada so that it can help related parties in the data collection process, especially in the process of selling houses. In this thesis report, the methodology that the author uses is the method of analysis and design. The method of analysis was carried out using a method based on the FAST model. The results achieved from both methods are in the form of an application. This application will serve as a tool for the sales process of PT. Mega Saputra Persada. The conclusion from the analysis and design of this sales system is that this sales system can help simplify the data collection process and can meet information needs that have been difficult to fulfill. The suggestions that can be used to support this system are further system development by adding more other functions so that an integrated system will be formed that involves more aspects in the operational activities of housing sales. Web Development of Housing Information System PT. Mega Saputra Persada Perumahan Subsidi