na INLIS000000000008465 20211111103945 0010-1121000209 ta 211111 | | | 1389 OLI 2021 Olivia Blazenky Pengembangan Sistem Informasi Simpan Pinjam Pada Koperasi Karyawan Dan Pensiunan Timah Sungailiat ( Kokartis ) Berbasis Website Pangkalpinang : ISB Atma Luhur, 2021 xv, 112 hlm : Ilus ; 21 x 29 cm Simpan Pinjam Timah Sungailiat Employees and Pensioners Cooperative (KOKARTIS) was formed on August 12, 1986 and approved on September 9, 1986, having its address at Jl. Muhidin Sungailiat. At the Sungailiat Timah Employees and Pensioners Cooperative (KOKARTIS), the savings and loan activities are still done manually. This results in the emergence of obstacles in the savings and loan process where the savings and loan data has not been integrated and managed properly. Thus, it is necessary to develop a Savings and Loan Information System for the Sungailiat Timah Employee and Pensioner Cooperative (KOKARTIS) based on a website that can overcome these problems. This research uses the RAD (Rapid Application Development) model, the system development method uses an object-oriented method with a Website-based. The tools for system development in this research are Unified Modeling Language (UML). With the development of a Savings and Loans Information System at the Cooperative of Employees and Pensioners of Timah Sungailiat (KOKARTIS) Based on a Website, it can help the operational performance of cooperatives in processing savings and loan data. 10714/1389/AL/H